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Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula

Product Review

Product Overview: Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula

Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula, the guardian angel for parents and babies alike! Specially formulated to ease your little one’s discomfort, this formula works wonders in reducing fussiness, crying, gas, and spit-up within just 24 hours. Packed with DHA & Choline, it doesn’t just soothe; it supports brain development, ensuring your baby’s cognitive growth is on the right track. Available in a value-packed 19.9 Oz Powder Can, it’s your go-to solution for a peaceful, happy baby and a serene home environment. Say goodbye to the trials of early parenthood and hello to joyful giggles and contentment with Enfamil Gentlease.

Evaluation Criteria

As a professional product tester with a focus on baby products, I recently had the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula. My aim was to assess its quality, nutritional value, ease of use, and overall value for parents. Here’s what I found:

  • Ingredients and Nutritional Value: One of the primary reasons I chose Enfamil Gentlease was for its gentle ingredients designed to ease fussiness, gas, and crying in 24 hours, which is a promise that truly stood out to me. The formula contains partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate solids from soy, which are easier on my baby’s developing digestive system. It’s also fortified with DHA and ARA, vital nutrients found in breast milk that support brain and eye development. The inclusion of a blend of vitamins and minerals ensures my baby is getting a balanced diet to support their overall growth and immune system. I appreciate that Enfamil Gentlease is designed with a focus on mimicking the nutritional profile of breast milk, providing peace of mind that I’m giving my baby a strong nutritional start.
  • Preparation and Mixability: Preparing the formula is straightforward and hassle-free, which is a blessing for sleep-deprived parents like myself. The powder dissolves easily in water without leaving any clumps, provided you follow the mixing instructions correctly. I’ve noticed that shaking the bottle for about 10 seconds is usually enough to get a smooth consistency. This ease of preparation ensures that my baby’s feeding times are not only efficient but also enjoyable for both of us.
  • Taste and Acceptance: When it comes to taste and acceptance, my baby took to Enfamil Gentlease without any issues from the first bottle. While I can’t personally vouch for the taste, my little one’s eagerness to feed and the noticeable decrease in fussiness post-feedings suggest that the formula is both palatable and satisfying. The improved mood and better sleep patterns in my baby further attest to the formula’s digestive benefits and overall acceptance.
  • Packaging and Accessibility: The 19.9 oz packaging of Enfamil Gentlease is convenient and user-friendly. The container comes with a scoop and a leveling guide, making it easy to measure the right amount of formula each time. Additionally, the packaging is resealable, helping to keep the powder fresh. I’ve found Enfamil Gentlease readily available at most grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as online, which means I can easily stock up without any stress.
  • Environmental and Ethical Considerations: Overall, Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula has been a fantastic choice for my baby, ticking all the boxes in terms of nutritional value, ease of preparation, taste, and accessibility. While I am mindful of the environmental impact of formula feeding, the benefits it has brought to my baby’s well-being and development are undeniable. I would recommend Enfamil Gentlease to other parents who are navigating the complex world of infant nutrition, especially those whose little ones may be experiencing digestive discomfort.

Product Details

  • Age Suitability: Newborns to 12 months
  • Key Features: Reduces Fussiness, Crying, Gas, and Spit-Up within 24 hours.
  • Nutritional Profile: DHA & Choline for brain development, No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors
  • Allergen Info: Designed to be easy on infants’ digestive systems and reduce the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Packaging: Easy to open, use, and store, ensuring the formula stays fresh.
  • Quality Assurance: Meets the highest standards of infant nutrition

Key Features

  • Easy-to-Digest Proteins: Enfamil Gentlease is formulated with proteins that are easy to digest, making it suitable for infants with sensitive stomachs. This helps to reduce fussiness, gas, and crying within 24 hours​​.
  • Nutritional Content: It offers a balanced mix of nutrients, including DHA and choline for brain support, essential vitamins like A, D, E, and K, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron to support overall health and development​​.
  • Pediatrician Recommended: It is the #1 pediatrician-recommended brand for gassy and fussy babies, offering complete nutrition for healthy growth during your baby’s first year​​.
  • Variety of Formats and Sizes: Enfamil Gentlease is available in powder form in 19.9 oz and 27.7 oz cans, offering flexibility and convenience for different feeding needs​​.
  • Expertise in Infant Nutrition: Enfamil’s commitment to infant nutrition is backed by decades of research and development, ensuring that their formulas meet the latest nutritional guidelines and advancements​​.
  • Specialized Formulas for Different Needs: Beyond Gentlease, Enfamil offers a range of formulas tailored to specific dietary requirements and conditions, such as NeuroPro Gentlease for mild protein sensitivity, Enspire Gentlease for babies needing immune support, and others designed for issues like reflux, constipation, and milk protein sensitivity​​.


Ingredients: Powder: Corn syrup solids, partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate solids (soy), vegetable oil (palm olein, soy, coconut and high oleic sunflower oils) and less than 2%: Mortierella alpina oil,* Schizochytrium sp. oil,† vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D3, vitamin E acetate, vitamin K1, thiamin hydrochloride, riboflavin, vitamin B6 hydrochloride, vitamin B12, niacinamide, folic acid, calcium pantothenate, biotin, ascorbic acid, choline chloride, inositol, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, cupric sulfate, sodium selenite, sodium citrate, potassium chloride, potassium iodide, taurine, L-carnitine.

*A source of arachidonic acid (ARA).
A source of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Preparation Instructions

  1. Wash hands and sterilize all utensils according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Boil fresh water. Do not use repeatedly boiled water. Cool for no more than 30 minutes.
  3. Follow the feeding guide for the correct water-to-powder ratio. Pour the required water into a sterilized bottle.
  4. Add the correct measure of powder to the water using the scoop provided. Fill the scoop lightly and level off using the built-in leveller.
  5. Cap the bottle and shake well until the powder is fully dissolved.
  6. Test temperature on your wrist before feeding. It should feel lukewarm, not hot.

Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula Feeding Guide (Birth to 12 Months)

The feeding guide will provide recommended amounts per feed and daily feeding frequencies, which can vary based on the baby’s age, weight, and appetite. Always consult a pediatrician for personalized feeding advice.

To Make* Water Powder Weight
2 fl oz bottle 2 fl oz 1 unpacked level scoop 8.7 g
4 fl oz bottle 4 fl oz 2 unpacked level scoop 17.4 g
8 fl oz bottle 8 fl oz 4 unpacked level scoop 34.8 g


  • Each scoop adds about 0.2 fl oz to the amount of prepared formula
This chart is based on bottle formula feeding only. Daily frequency and volume of feeding represent averages based on estimated caloric intake of babies 0 to 12 months.

Additional Feeding Advice:

  • Always measure the water before adding the formula powder.
  • Ensure the water is no more than 30 minutes from boiling before mixing with formula to ensure it’s at a safe temperature.
  • Stir or shake the bottle well to dissolve the powder completely.
  • Test the formula’s temperature on the inside of your wrist before feeding to ensure it’s not too hot.
  • If your baby doesn’t finish a bottle, discard the unused formula and do not reuse it to maintain hygiene.
  • Adjustments to the feeding schedule or amounts may be necessary based on your baby’s growth and appetite changes. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.
  • Transitioning to solid foods usually begins around 6 months of age, but Similac Baby Formula can continue to be an important part of your baby’s diet as you introduce new foods.

Remember, feeding times are also bonding times. Enjoy these moments with your baby. If you have any concerns about your baby’s nutrition or feeding patterns, it’s best to consult a pediatrician.

Storage and Safety Information

  • Store in a cool, dry place before opening.
  • Use opened sachets within 4 weeks.
  • Never use a microwave to warm feeds due to the risk of uneven heating and scalding.


The price for Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula in a 19.9 oz can is listed at $33.99 on the Enfamil official website​​. Prices may vary based on the retailer, package size, and any discounts or promotions that are available at the time of purchase. It’s advisable to check with multiple retailers or the official website for the most current pricing and availability.

Conclusion Similac Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula

Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula stands out for its formulation that mimics breast milk closely, providing essential nutrients for infants’ growth and development. It’s designed with five HMO prebiotics for immune support, brain development, and digestive health, making it a comprehensive choice for infant nutrition. The non-GMO formula without artificial growth hormones appeals to health-conscious parents seeking high-quality options for their babies. Prices vary by retailer, so checking various sources is recommended for the best deal.

As with any infant formula, I recommend consulting a healthcare professional to ensure it meets the specific needs of your baby. However, based on my comprehensive testing and evaluation, Similac 360 Total Care is a product I would recommend to parents seeking an organic formula option. Happy Feeding!

For more detailed information, please visit the Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula Product Page. They provide in-depth details about their formula range, including ingredients, nutritional benefits, and guidance on selecting the right product for your baby’s needs.

Disclaimer: The content available on Little Baby Formula’s website is intended solely for your general knowledge. Little Baby Formula does not offer medical guidance or participate in medical practices. We recommend consulting your pediatrician before choosing to use bottle-feeding. Results may differ from person to person.
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Hello, I’m Andreas, a 45-year-old father living a life full of joy and challenges in Germany and different countries in Asia (Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam). Married since 2012, my wife and I have been blessed with four incredible sons who have turned our world into an endless adventure of love, laughter, and discovery. My journey through parenthood, coupled with years of background in pediatric nutrition and the baby formula industry, has shaped me into a trusted voice for parents navigating the complex world of infant feeding. This unique blend of professional knowledge and personal experience has given me an in-depth understanding of the nuances involved in ensuring our little ones receive the best possible nutrition from their earliest days.

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